[ Top ] 6 Ways to Use Big Data Insights to Improve Your Website Design

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What is Big Data?

What is Big Data?

Big data refers to the collection of the huge volumes of data, either structured or unstructured. And processing it in traditional methods is impossible. Big data is all over the place and it shapes the internet and influences your business. According to the report from Cloud Tweaks, every single day data on average 2.5 quintillions is being generated and by the end of 2020, approximately data of 40 zettabytes will be in existence.

How Big Data is influencing Web Design?

Big Data extremely contributes towards your web design, helps to create data-driven web design for your business. It suggests how a company can get more leads and traffics through the design. And companies switching to data-driven design gain more traffic and improved ROI. Definitely, big data helps to improve your web design.

Here are the Top 6 ways to use Big Data to improve your Website Design?

Here are the Top 6 ways to use Big Data to improve your  Website Design?

1. Site Search Analytics

Site Search Analytics lets you know what users are searching for on your site thereby gives you a clear insight into your user intent. Thus you get to know that if users are searching for particular content and are unable to find it, then the users are more likely to discard the web page altogether. You can add a search box on your site to track the users.

Being more precise, though the content on your blog matches the particular keyword that a user is searching for, but failed to get any the relevant result, then it’s time for you to upgrade the search box.

2. Built-in Testing

To meet customer satisfaction it is essential to improvise your website continuously and built-in tests deliver quantifiable data which includes the real-time information and consumer reports at every stage of development. Thus you can deliver the results according to the consumer reports at a faster rate.

A/B testing of built-in tests makes a huge difference in the effectiveness of your campaign and can boost conversions up to 300 percent. And many of the web development companies provide quality Big Data testing services. It enables you to search for anything from search ads to sales emails and help you to achieve better results from the website.

3. Heat Map Analysis

Heat maps let you monitor your website content at the right time and measures the movement of visitor’s mouse or eyes and help you to understand what gets users' attention more and what is being skipped by the users. Within seconds a marketer can understand their best performing contents and the one needs to change. Overall this analysis enables you to trail the real-time performance of your site. Despite all this, it allows you to maintain SEO friendly content thus providing the phases of improvement.

 4. Email Marketing Segmentation Analysis

Email Marketing is one of the critical sections for every business and when combined with website design helps you to generate even more effective emails. Email Marketing Segmentation Tool allows you to modify emails according to the interest of your viewers and it is based on the emails that the consumers open and share, also, the information that is accessed from your site and the links that users click on your website.

It allows you to increase consumer attention and better your communication by examining the type of content that users are engaged to and through segmentation, it is possible to improve the open and click rates by sending messages to targeted groups.

5. Traffic Analysis

Traffic Analysis is a great tool that gives you a deep insight into how the sale is being affected by the visual appeal of your website. And it shows the website element that engages the user and the areas where you need to improve.

Traffic Analysis also is a platform to compare your site traffic with your competitor thereby let you know the reason and the content that lets traffic to your competitor site. Moreover, you can examine visits, average visit duration, page views, unique visitors, new visits and bounce rate of your site. And from all this information, you can improve the areas where you find any scope of improvement by tracking real-time traffic into your website.

 6. Cost Reduction

Generally, a huge investment is required for every average business and the reduction of cost is really hard to achieve. Big Data analysis makes it possible to accurately deal with the requirements of stock products and potential waste. And keeping real-time data of your business and improving the areas accordingly will have a positive influence on users.


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