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fees management system project

The fee management system is written in PHP. This project is a must-have for any first-year and second-year IT student looking to get a head start on getting their projects off the ground. The system includes all of the essential features you might require throughout your time working on a project for your college course, with some functions geared towards streamlining communication between tutors and students.

Although this software utilizes clear concepts reminiscent of real-life scenarios, the actual implementation shows the level of focus required when developing complex applications. Check out how we so eloquently rewrote and improved this content by clicking the Download button below to access our Fees Management System Project with source code files!

About Fees Management System Free Download

In this project, you will be required to build a PHP Fees Management System. The system allows the administration to add and edit various student details in tabular format. The admin can enter data such as the full names of students, their contact information, enrolling date, fee amount, and more. He/she also has access to an enrolment overview of all students in various grade levels. In order to complete this PHP school management system project successfully, implementation of form validation is necessary with the right handling.

Fee Management System Project Features

  • Admin Panel
  • Student Enrollment System
  • Manage In-Active Students
  • Manage Grade Levels
  • Fees management with the remaining balance
  • List Overall Reports
  • Filter Records
  • Account Setting

How to run Fee Management System Project in PHP ?

Step #1:Download and Unzip the file on your local system.
Step #2:Copy folder Put this folder inside xampp/htdocs/phpinventory
Step #3:Database Configuration
Step #4:Import database present in the database folder with extension .sql
Step#5:Open Your browser and put inside the browser “http://localhost/Folder name/”
Step #6:Sign in with Login Details available in the credential notepad file.

Free Source code Download

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Fees Management System Free Download


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