Supermarket Billing System in C++ with Source Code

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Supermarket Billing System in C++ with Source Code

supermarket billing system is a computer-based system that streamlines the process of billing and payments in supermarkets. This system can be used to track inventory, manage customer data, and process transactions quickly and efficiently.

 Supermarket Billing System in C++ 

A supermarket billing system in C++ can be used to develop this system. C++ is a powerful programming language that can be used to create sophisticated software applications. With the help of C++, the supermarket billing system can be made more user-friendly and efficient.

 Supermarket Billing System in C++  Feature:

  • Customer
  • Administrator
  • Exit

How to run Supermarket Billing System in C++?

  • Extract the zip file.
  • Open the extracted folder
  • Locate the c file.
  • Then open the file via codeblocks or any IDE that can run the C++ files.
  • Then click run and build.

Supermarket Billing System in C++ with Source Code Download
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