What is SAP?what is SAPMM

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What is SAP

SAP Full Form:- System application and products

What is SAP

SAP stands for system application and products in data processing if you are running the business you will map your business organization and it will help you to manage resources information and activities in a designed way.

What are the materials management(SAP MM)

What are the materials management(SAP MM)

If you are running an organization you will be needing materials on a daily basis so SAP materials management process ensures that there is never a shortage of material in your organization and it will deal with the procurement process.

Procurement process is nothing but buying materials from the vendor and managing its master data inventory management and doing invoice verification.

the logon procedure I'll show you in hands-on to log on to SAP  you must have a valid user ID and password then you have menu bar this is the top line of a dialog window in SAP.

The standard toolbar icon it contains by key exit key and log of the key then you have command fill to execute direct transactional code.

SAP easy access menu will help you to navigate to standard transaction codes and finally you have SAP implementation guide all the configurations and assignment within the organization are set up in implementation guide.

Standard toolbar

sap Standard toolbar

To log on to SAP you must have a valid username and password this is the home page of SAP this is the menu bar from where you can perform various functions mainly executing a transaction below this menu bar you have the standard toolbar.

Standard toolbar contain three important keys
first one is the backward key to go back in any SAP transaction this one is the cancel key to cancel any of your transaction and middle one the exit key to logout your SAP session if you want to create a new SAP session.
just click on this icon or standard toolbar you can also customize your SAP screen layout just Click on this icon on the standard toolbar now select options and do the settings the accordingly standard toolbar also contains this command field.

all direct transactional codes can be run by a command field beside this command field, you have an SAP easy access menu to navigate to any standard transactional codes.
you can make use of SAP easy access menu beside this an SAP easy access menu you have an SAP implementation guide to navigate to implementation guide page enter SAP in command field as PR stands for sap project reference the object now select SAP reference IMG this will navigate you to the display IMG page all structure definitions assignments and configurations can be accessed through this display IMG screen.

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